Sync stop responding after some hours in my QNAP

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My Sync 2.38 (and prior versions too) in TS112P stops responding after some hours. I have to restart the nas to keep it running. The rest of services are ok.

Is there any limit in the number of files that may overload the app?

The nas has only ftp service and Sync. No web service, sql, etc. All disabled.

Any idea of the cause?

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@jmpr Sync has no any limitation for amount of files other than system resources. Every file / folder consumes some amount of memory (roughly - 1.5Kb) and some amount of CPU to be processed once requested, rescanned, etc.

I suggest to start with simple checks: see if Sync process is still running. How many system resources it consume comparing to ones you have? If it does not run - try finding our if there are any core dumps in OS or which other process could kill it.


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There is only 3 apps installed: Sync, File Manager, Download Manager.

Only FTP is running. Web, SQL, antivirus... are off.

When Syncs stops responding it is using about 50% cpu.

Sync has about 300.000 files to manage that are 900 GB size in total. Advanced settings has been set to use less resources (checks every 1 hours, for example).

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I have the same problem on Zyxel NSA310 (ARM) with Resilio Pro.

2.4.1 (672) is working properly. I upgrade to 2.4.2 (708) and noticed some problems. Resilio could not synchronize multiple files (mp4 - about 10gb) and turn off after about 4-8 hours. Changed back to 2.4.1 (672). Synchronization runs correctly but Resilio off after a certain time (4-8h).

Currently, computers (Windows 10) have version 2.4.2 (708) and on a network drive 2.4.1 (672) (Zyxel NSA310 (V4.70 (AFK.3))

When everywhere (2 laptops and 1 NAS) was installed version 2.4.1 everything worked properly.

If I can, I'll write a script that will save me a load on the processor, memory, and time after which Resilio turns off. I'll do it next week.

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I got the exact same problem on my QNAP TS-859 Pro+. After a few hours Resilio Sync stops working: my QNAP is indicated as offline on my other clients and the web gui isn't accessible anymore. Strange thing, in the QNAP App Center, the Resilio Sync app is still indicated as running.

FYI, my QNAP is only used as a NAS storage, the only running apps are Resilio Sync and Surveillance Station (but it's not configured). My NAS is equipped with 2GB of memory and around 1,40GB are used when Sync is indexing.

I also got a Synology NAS (a DS1812+) whit the same capacity (24TB), the same memory amount (2GB) and syncing the exact same folders with Sync. I never had a similar problem on it, it's running since several months without a glitch. Moreover, my Synology is running many more apps than my QNAP, that's why I even less understand why I only got this problem with the QNAP.

If anyone has any idea on how to fix this, it will be more than welcomed.

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On QNAP, these shares have been living longer than on Syno, right? 

ssh to your QNAP, go to /share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/ResilioSync/storage and check the size of .db files. If in sum they are ~ 1,4 Gb, this is the cause of the problem - database has grown that big that takes all the RAM and Sync gets killed. 

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Copy paste from here:

Sync just keeps all files that are or have ever been in a share. So the longer the share lives, the more frequently files are updated/ added/deleted, the bigger DB grows and the more RAM it takes in the end. 
So for you - either increase RAM or re-add the share so that new DB gets built.

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I had the same problem in Qnap TS-231. I look in system resources and could find the problem, my resilio process were stopped because the system was with low RAM.

My solution was, schedule the process of resilio to not run with same other process that takes too much RAM. In other words, I schedule resilio to work in the night and Syncthing (the biggest ram eater process) during the day.

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