OSMC - Complete Uninstall / Reinstall to change Username


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I am building a 'gold image' of a media centre for the Raspberry Pi. I would like to install BTSync as part of image.

I understand each Pi will need a unique username to function.

My question is 'is there a way to completely remove the previous username and re-enter the configuration process?'.

Cheers, Geoff.

OS: OSMC (Debian derived Media Center) (Latest Version Aug 2016)

Hardware: Raspberry Pi

Sync 2.0.93

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thanks for reply. I don't entirely understand the question, however my goal is the create a gold image of the following configuration:

  1. 1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. OSMC and Kodi
  3. Sync 2.0.93

I can install (sudo apt-get install btsync) and get btsync to do its thing.


I have 'imaged' the SD card, and I can rol- out standard builds, however I can't seem to change btsync username. Even when I uninstall (sudo apt-get remove btsync) the original username persists.

My poorly worded question was; 'is there a way to fully remove original username and re enter configuration process where I get to put in a new unique username?'


Cheers, Geoff.



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Further to my comments above, I suppose what I'm asking is, given that I'm on an old version and can't utilise the 'new' change identity feature, is there a way for manually removing all identity information, and adding new identity; possibly by re-entering configuration process ?

When I uninstall using apt-get command, then I reinstall then it seems that the initial identity persists; which is consistent with a post / FAQ I saw somewhere about choosing your identity carefully as it can't be changed! My thinking is that it must be in a file somewhere which can be removed via command line.


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