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Forgive me if this is mentioned elsewhere, but I was wondering if the current version of Resilio (2.4.1) will allow me to sync folders within sync'd folders. 


Sync Folder A:  C:\share\

Sync Folder B: C:\share\FolderB\

Will this create some loop or something that will bring down the universe?

(reason I'm asking about this is because I don't want to use Selective Sync because I don't want my user to "see" my whole Folder A, but just our shared stuff in Folder B)

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Interesting, thanks for the link.  That gets me a lot closer to what I'm looking to do.  One follow up question, for example, if I have two sub-folders within FolderB and I want a user to have Read access to one and RW to the other this is not possible?  By only sharing FolderB and FolderA?

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@coolrazor Should be working, though never tested 2-level deep nested folders in our lab. Couple more notes:

1. On computer where folders are shared all nested folders still MUST be RW and non-selective. Though, you can share RW or RO links to your other peer (user in your sample).
2. From Sync's POV these folders are totally separate and non-related, so it'll process all the files that are there 2 (or 3 in your second sample) times, keeping 2 (or 3) trees in memory, consuming appropriate amount of resources.

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