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I have installed Resilio on my Windows 10 PC as a service. What happened today is that when I tried to launch Resilio in my browser I get the prompt to create a new identity. I have no idea why, I've used Resilio for a few weeks, and it has always worked. I can't get past that screen, though. No matter what I put in, I always get the message "Cannot apply identity", and that was that. How can I access my Resilio settings despite that? I've already tried to stop and re-start the service, but that did not help. I'd be grateful for any hints. Thank you.

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My PeerID: 10A54DA2100E869DA2AECDBDE9631FD46DB8A694
platform: Windows workstation 10.0 amd64
[2017-04-11 21:57:36] MD[0925]: Loading notifications
[2017-04-11 21:57:36] MD[0925]: [load notifications] Aborted: no identity
[2017-04-11 21:57:36] MD[0925]: Failed to load notifications

idem error

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My problem was that I was migrating from an older Android device to a new one. (Nexus 5P to Pixel XL) Upon launching the app on the new phone I got a message asking if I wanted to migrate settings from Bittorrent Sync, which I clicked 'Yes' (or continue or something similar) and afterwards could not add a link. After uninstalling and re-installing the app and starting 'fresh' I was able to create a new identity (with my name) and could sync. I hope this helps someone.

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