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In my family we have four phones that we want backed up to four individual computers, in two locations. So far sync has been great for creating a family backup/share system that remains constant between our two houses, but I'm unsure of how to proceed with the photo backups.

What I'd like is for all the phones to drop their files into shared folder on a computer and then have those photos shared to the other computers. ie, the phone uploads each file once and once only. after that the syncing should be done between the other computers and any edits/deletes should sync across.

I'm afraid that if I give the phone backup key to each of the four computers, the phone will have to upload each photo four times and then each computers backup folder will independent of the others and modifications/deletes will not be shared across.



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First of all, with backup option on mobiles, PCs become read-only peers, thus even if you edit files there afterward these won't be synced anywhere else. Of course you can manually copy the files from backup share to another share synced solely between PCs and sync edited files. 

Secondly, the file won't be uploaded four times, but we cannot guarantee that it'll be uploaded only once. Sync - is a peer-to-peer technology, syncing file s in a distributed manner. If a PC is missing a piece of file it can get this piece from a nearest peer who already has this piece, either another PC or phone. 

And finally, if you do not want phone to connect and sync with a remote PC, but rather want your local PC be a kind of a middle man, you need to adjust your network and block connections between remote PC and your phone. Sync is designed the other way - let all peers connect to each other to ease sharing. 

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