Resilio Sync shows no folders after update on DS415+

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Hi forum,

i just updated the sync on my DS415+ from BTSync to Resilio Sync. The install process succeeded and I restarted my NAS afterwards. I'm also able to login to the Web-UI using the previous credentials. 

However, the web-UI shows no folders/content. Just an empty page. And the other clients don't find the NAS as a peer any longer. I'm also noticing heavy HDD activity. 

Is this normal? Will Resilio Sync do some migration with the data that takes a while or should I start getting worried?

Any experiences?



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In case anybody else comes into this situation: Resilio Sync finally started up completely and is syncing. It almost took two hours for the first complete start :-(

Would be nice if the installer or the guidance would mention that.....

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@norbert78 Migration process depends on the amount of files and data managed by Sync. In majority of cases it is rather fast and transparent, and in some cases it takes a while. How many files and folders do you have in Sync?

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