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Hello, I installed btsync on 2 servers to synchronize files between them, it has worked well, but I'm finding a little problem. The btsync was set to the root directory such as /var/www and own the html directory shared between the two machines without problems, however I am struggling with the addition of other shared directory.

I would like to share the directory /backup of my server too, so it created a symbolic link in /var/www/backup -> /backup with the same owner as btsync user, but the directory does not appear in the sync list in webgui and I cant add manually.

Does anyone know what can it be? Does he understand how a symbolic link and does not release the sharing?

Other information that may help the user and group used to run the btsync is "site" as well as the /var/www/backup, and /backup feature owned by user "site".

Thank you in advance any help.

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it appears, if  /backup is the link to /var/www/backup, not vice versa. 
If you want to add an existing /backup directory to sync, why you want to create a link in  /var/www/ pointing to /backup ? why not just add /backup to Sync? 
but if it's vice versa - you want to add /var/www/backup, as a separate share, also, why create a link, why not just pick /backup pointing to /var/www/backup? But if you want to use symbolic links, then you need to create a link /backup pointing to /var/www/backup (/backup -> /var/www/backup), see.


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