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and your NAS is ......?  Asus? 
Migration of settings from BitTorrent Sync to Resilio Sync is done automatically only on Syno, WD and QNAP. For all others Resilio Sync is a new app. But you have option to move the settings manually. This will require ssh connection to NAS and some bash skills - moving files around. 

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If you want to change web UI port then ssh to your NAS and edit "share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/ResilioSync/resilio-sync.conf" file, change in webui section "listen" : "", from 14860 to whatever port you want it to use. But in this case I guess you'll need to manually type the new port into address bar, since Appcenter will still remember default webui port. 

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On ‎10‎/‎21‎/‎2016 at 3:18 AM, Helen said:

You stop BiTorrent Sync, install Resilio Sync, check that settings migrated correctly, and then you can uninstall BitTorrent Sync. See the guide here 

I have already migrated, but I had a heck of a time.  The NAS instructions said to "stop BitTorrent Sync", but I never did find out how to stop it.  I just uninstalled BitTorrent Sync knowing all my files were safe on another device, then installed Resilio Sync.

Migration was not easy as was implied in the instructions and e-mails I received.  I really appreciate the help available here, and value Helen's and other's efforts.  My point here is that more clear instructions on the websites would be very helpful for some steps, is possible.


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My Resilio is now running ok in my Qnap nas, but there is something strange that happened before migration, and I hope to be solved with new version. In my laptop, the Resilio app sees the nas duplicated. If there is only 1 peer (the nas) the app shows 2 peers, the nas (with its name) twice. Sometimes it says "peers 1 of 2" and one of them is offline, and sometimes, they both are online. And act as different peers, the number of pending upload files is different, and one of them syncs before the other (not always the same one).

I do no use dht nor relay, only predefined hosts. Is it possible that someway somebody has stolen my id or something and has cloned my nas and is receiving my files? What can I do?

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16 hours ago, Larryb said:

The NAS instructions said to "stop BitTorrent Sync", but I never did find out how to stop it. 

in app center just stop BitTorrent Sync. Do you think these kind of instructions are necessary? 99bc38032d.png



This is due to predefined hosts, please see here 

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