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Hi, I've got what feels like a stupid question about using Sync. I've got 2 harddrives on 2 pc's with mostly the same stuff on them but on each there are a few different things that I've downloaded separately. I want to sync them so they both have everything on them that the other has. i.e. I want to add anything from Drive A that isn't on Drive B and visa versa. But will Sync work that way or if there is something on one drive that's not on another will it be deleted?  

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If you add both to Sync as "read/write" folders, then sync shouldn't delete anything that is on one device but not the other.

However, from what I gleam from your question, you wish to sync an ENTIRE drive between PC's? If this is the case, are these drives Windows system drives (i.e. your C: drive), or partitioned/separate drives with no system files on?

If it's the former then please be aware that:

1) Sync can't sync files whilst they are open/locked/in use by Windows or another application

2) Some system files & the Windows registry, etc are unique to a particular installation of Windows - attempting to "copy"/sync these to another Windows instance may break Windows!

If however, the entire drive you wish to sync only includes non-system files that are not part of your OS, you should be able to sync the entire drive without issue.

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