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Hi @All,


first, I am very happy with the functionality of "Resilio Sync". It works great.

I am using it with multiple clients: 2 private ones (unencrypted) + 1 phone + 1 server (encrypted).
I can predefine my static server IP in all desktop applications.

And now I wondered if there is an option to predefine hosts in the Android App, as well ?
Or how can I make sure that my phone is finding my server without using the relay, and tracker service?


Thanks for your help


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No predefined hosts for Android app at the moment, though we'd like to implement it in future. There is couple more tricks you can try: local peer discovery still works if you have multicast traffic allowed by your router, and you can assign static address to your phone (or just force your DHCP to always assign same address), see which port your Android Sync is using and put predefined host on your PC.

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Right this might work for my home network, but then I have no problem anyway, since I can use the option "Local network" .

The problem exists when I am on the network of my carrier.

But thank you for confirming that this option is not present, yet.
I thought I just dont find it.
Looking forward to this feature in the future.


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