Resilio sync on Ubuntu

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I followed the guide here I got everything setup and working. I then restarted my computer and now I have two instance of rslsync running. One is running under user rslsync and one is running under my username. When I try to access Resilio through I get to an instance that haven't been setup, I think it is the one running under rslsync (it suggest rslsync as the name for sync node). How can I remove one of the instances? Which one is best to keep, then one running under rslsync or my username? I guess keeping the one running under my username will make it easier in terms of folder and file access but maybe there is some other downside to it.

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I installed it  a few minutes ago. With the rslsync user I got a lots of problems, now I've changed to my user an it works fine.  Did you use both systemctl commands from the quote underneath? If, you should disable the rslsync user by using 

sudo systemctl disable resilio-sync

That should work for you


Enable sync service automatic startup as user rslsync:

sudo systemctl enable resilio-sync

Enable sync service as current user:

edit file /usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service and change "" to "". Save. Then enable the service:

systemctl --user enable resilio-sync

Greets from good old Germany


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