On a mobile device, allow me to add an entire folder of pictures to be sync'ed


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As a mobile user, I can easily set up a "sync" of my device camera roll.

However, it doesn't get all the folders that are related to pictures and videos that I have taken.  I should be able to select this as an option.


As it stands now, to get a backup of all of those other pictures and videos, I had to manually set up a folder sync and then manually select each and every picture and video that I wanted to be included.  Yet, they were all taken with the camera on my device, and they were all available through the "Photos" app.  Why weren't they included in the standard backup?

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are you talking about iOS, WP or Android? 
On iOS you can just enable Camera backup and all photos from Camera Roll are backed up. Same for WP. Note, that it backups only Camera Roll, but no any shared or cloud synced photos. 

On android, you can pick any folder and backup it. 

I don't quite understand what you mean when you say you have to pick a single photo individually. Why and where you pick that? 

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