[Solved] Fedora 25 - btsync-gui?

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I just installed Resillo on 2 Fed 25 servers and shared a folder on each. When I paste the share URL into the other one I get "Failed to open URI "btsync://link.getsync.com/?f=Res" ...  as described https://forum.resilio.com/topic/31509-failed-to-open-uri-btsynclinkgetsynccom/#comment-90286. Following through those comments it turns out the workaround is to install the GUI from http://www.yeasoft.com/site/projects:btsync-deb:btsync-gui but there doesn't seem to be a Fedora version.  What am I missing please, or is there another workaround? Thanks.

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Instead of opening the link in Firefox, paste it directly to Sync -> Manual Connection. 

yeasoft - is an unofficial repo, so I cannot tell how it works. Sync's UI opens on http://localhost:8888. Please see this guide on Sync on Linux 

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