remove or trim .sync that has become too big??

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I have the following odd situation:

# du -h -d1 bitsync
160G    bitsync/.sync
... various
194G    bitsync

can I remove the .sync directory?  or the archive subdirectory in .sync?  if I remove it on one machine, will it remove on the others?

(I think I need to figure out a way to store the history of files elsewhere.  I was also looking at a GUI way to turn on/off archiving;  is it in advanced?)

is there some general advice on how to handle archiving (e.g., and trim/remove/move files after x days automatically)?


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on examination, the Archive is fairly small.  most of the space is consumed by .!sync files.  what are they, and can they be removed or trimmed?

Update: Deleting them and restarting resilio seems to just rebuild them.  I am now back over 60GB already...


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JFYI, Archive is not syncing with others and you can clear files inside it after you make sure that there are no any important copies of your files. This deletion is not propagated to other peers' Archives.

those .!sync files - are the files that are being synced right now. If there seem to be no progress on them, better stop Sync and submit debug logs to support for analysis. Apparently, some files got stuck. 

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