[Solved] Low Lan sync speed.


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I have been using Resilio sync as a backup and file transfer solution for my private files, im very happy with the service. So happy i upgraded to Pro.

BUT i have very slow sync speed, on lan.

My tansferspeed seems to be capped at 1,1 MB/S it always hovers between 1 and 1,1MB/S

Resilio Sync is running from a computer with linux as os.

my internet Upload speed is About 1,25 MB/s so its no surprise that files being synced over internet are capped at arond 1,1 MB/s but i can't figure out why my LAN transfers are capped at that too.

I have followed the advice pages and cant get any increase in Lan transfer speed out of them.

My HDD Has Read/Write speed of about 35 MB/s.

My Lan speed is 1 Gbps.

UPnP ports for all devices running Resilio sync are forewarded

Any help resloving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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