Landscape (horizontal) mode problem with app on iPad

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I have Resilio Sync app on iPad, with app protection by passcode/TouchID enabled. I usually use iPad in landscape (horizontal) mode with the keyboard accessory and experience two issues:

1) Minor issue: upon starting the RS app, the passcode keypad shows up at 90 degree angle, as if ipad was in portrait mode

2) More major issue: after unblocking the app with touchid, the app jumps correctly into landscape mode for about 1 second, only to then jump into portrait mode and remain there, rendering it hardly usable (text is rotated 90 degrees). The only way to fix it is to take the ipad, turn it 90 degrees to portrait mode and then right back to landscape mode, at which point the app fixes itself to landscape mode.

Is there a way for me to fix it on my end? If not, could you pls try to fix this bug in the app?

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