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[Solved] New config each time I run it

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I use linux (Fedora 25), but I found a bunch of people with the same problem in different OS's

So, each time I ran Resilio I either got asked to configure it as if for the first time, which mean I lost all my previos configuration and peers, or and old outdated configuration showed up, which was useless by the time I came across it.

The cause?

It turn out that, in Linux -don't know the rest of the OS's- Resilio creates a .sync hidden folder in whichever folder you happen to be on when you run it. It is pretty clear if you are in a terminal window (or command prompt). If you run it from a shortcut in Windows I guess it is either the folder where the exec is located, or the path set in the shortcut or whichever folder the Windows Ferries happened to put you in when you ran the program.

My solution was to create a scrip (batch file, what have you) which first CDs to a directory and then runs resilio, something like



CD /directorychosen



thus, Resilio creates a .sync folder in my /directorychosen directory and uses it every time.


Hope it helps.

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