FileDelayConfig - Am I doing something wrong?

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my main use case is syncing photos and music from my desktop to my NAS (for backup and to access them when my pc is off) and to an offsite backup system. So usually I copy the files to my computer, do some metadata edits, and then the files don't get touched anymore.

Let's say i rip a CD (by MediaMonkey or CDex), then add some metadata it did not automatically find, add the cover, let MediaMonkey analyze the volume, etc... I end up having like 4 copies of each track on the remote systems archive, because sync starts transferring them immediately.

To prevent this I added the extensions to FileDelayConfig:

{ "*.jpg": 180, "*.mp3": 180, "*.flac": 180, "*.ogg": 180, "*.doc": 10, "*.docx": 10, "*.dwg": 10, "*.dxf": 10, "*.indd": 10, "*.ppt": 10, "*.pptx": 10, "*.psd": 10, "*.stl": 10, "*.vsd": 10, "*.xls": 10, "*.xlsx": 10 }

But this doesn't seem to work. Sync still starts to transfer the files immediately.

I have a regular sync setup on Win10 64-Bit, not running as a service.

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I have the same issue, which I spent ages trying to fix, only to find that this feature doesn't do what I need.

I have a couple of folders that get files dropped into them from JDownloader and Get_Iplayer. Those programs then do some work on the files and Sync decides that the files cease to exist despite them being there.

I need either for Sync to look again and see that there are files there to sync or to delay indexing them until the programs have finished their work. So I'm keenly awaiting a fix for the FileDelayConfig issue.

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10 minutes ago, Helen said:

yes, it was fixed quite a time ago. This config works fine in the lab. What's your rescan interval? I bet file's processed when folder is being rescanned. Disable rescan or increase it accordingly. 

folder_rescan_interval: 21600
disk_low_priority: true
config_save_interval: 1200

Others are default values.

The FileDelayConfig file resides in:

Using Resilio Sync v2.5.6.

I see in the log at least 4 updates of
within the same minute.

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7 minutes ago, Helen said:

why is it in d:\private\.sync\ do you launch it with a config?

Because it was adviced to the .sync directory by:

Also I did not like to put data to C (system) drive, so I changed default folder location.

Using Resilio Sync v2.5.6, as posted in previous post.

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Where was it advised to use .sync directory?? The article says that FileDelayConfig is located in storage folder, and on Windows it's %appdata%, not .sync.  

Please clarify, which exactly did you change and how exactly  - default folder location (the directory where sync shares are located by default) or storage folder (directory where Sync keeps its settings, including FileDelayConfig)? If the former, than your FileDelayConfig is not taken into account. 

Do you launch Sync with a config? is  "d:\private\.sync\"  your storage? What is your config exactly? 

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Yes, sure! This is what the guide says :
Open FileDelayConfig (Located in the Storage folder).
if we check the link for Storage folder we'll see:
C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ 
(will be Resilio Sync Service if you run Sync as service)


Not sure where you saw it advise to use .sync.  

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File delay is a global Sync setting and is to be located in storage folder. On  Windows storage folder is C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ 
(will be Resilio Sync Service if you run Sync as service) . 

>Do I need to restart Resilio Sync to make effect of FileDelayConfig edit?
Yes, the guide has :
"3. Save the file and restart Sync."
step. Please follow the instruction you've been looking at! 

>IgnoreList file belongs to \folder\.sync\ directory or to the C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ ?
Ignorelist is a per share setting. If we look at the guide on IgnoreList, we'll see:
"IgnoreList is located in the hidden ".sync" folder inside your sync share."


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