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If you look at sample config file (./rslsync --dump-sample-config), at the bottom you will see 

/* Advanced preferences can be added to config file. Info is available at ""
For example see folder_rescan_interval below */
//, "folder_rescan_interval" : "86400"

I think this answers your question - yes, it is possible. 

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@Helen - the FAQ tells us how to download a sample file, however how do you export the current file and import it into another computer?
I can't seem to see the same sync.conf file in the Application Support directory (OSX)??


There are configurations it would be good to sync such as:

1. All the folder structures - is this possible?

2. Scheduling


If you copy the sync.conf file over to the AppSupport directory, then would it be safe to assume, any WebUI changes there would be reflected to the newly created sync.conf file or and either/or situation. Either you use WebUI OR sync.conf file, not combination of both?

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Well, by default Sync does not run with a config file - you need to first create it and set up sync shares there. 

1. yes, 'shared_folders' section in Sync. you'll need to actually adjust the paths when copying  config to a remote peer.

2. no, scheduling is not supported.

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