"Folder not found" problem

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I found my Sync cannot work because of the problem "Folder not found".


My Sync version: "Resilio Sync 2.4.4 (732)".

I've read this article Sync > Errors & Troubleshooting> Errors > Folder Not Found, but my situation is different from what the article says. I neither delete nor move the folder.

Here is how the problem arise: I have a Windows and a Linux on my computer. I switched Linux to Windows and modified some files on the folder. Then I switched back to Linux then this problem arose. 

Here is the information of the "rslsync" process:

$ ps -ef | grep rslsync
rslsync   5555     1  0 21:06 ?        00:00:09 /usr/bin/rslsync --config /etc/resilio-sync/config.json

"rslsync" is running under a user "rslsync", and it start automatically as the system is turned on.

The folder with problem is located on a NTFS disk, and it is mounted automatically on "/media"as the system is turned on. "rslsync" once had no permission to access the folder. To solve this problem, I use the following command, and I don't know whether this operation has any influence on the "Folder not found" problem.

chmod -R 777 /media

When I try to add folder in Sync, I can not found the folder mentioned above. But I can access the folder and the folder its father folder is "777".


If you have any idea, please help.


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in your case the problem is that Sync starts at system boot (you've installed it as service), but the folder is mounted at user logon. So by the time Sync starts, folder is not mounted yet. Restart Sync.

you can set it to either not start Sync at boot, or mount the folder at boot. 

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