Constant indexing, high CPU load on Mac and battery drain

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Dear Sync community,

I've posted the issue previously in but im afraid, the following problem still persists:

Resilio Sync 2.4.4 (732) is shown as occupying 100% CPU in 'Activity Monitor'. A folder containing ~114.000 of admittedly small files (45 GB) is constantly shown as indexing, even when setting folder_rescan_interval to e.g. 3600.
I noticed the constant indexing issue also on a Synology NAS, however setting folder_rescan_interval to 3600 seems to have helped to alleviate the issue a bit here.

On the Mac, running the command

sudo fs_usage -w -f filesys > fs_usage_resilio.log

will produce a ~750 MB log file within 30 seconds when resilio is running (as opposed to 1.6 MB within 30 seconds with resilio turned off).

within the logfile the following sequences are repeated seemingly for every synced file:

19:52:03.015920  lstat64                                <path-to-some-synced-file>    0.000005   Resilio Sync.1138808
19:52:03.015930  listxattr                              <path-to-some-synced-file>    0.000009   Resilio Sync.1138808
19:52:03.015935  getxattr                               <path-to-some-synced-file>    0.000005   Resilio Sync.1138808
19:52:03.016021  open              F=53       (R_____)  <path-to-some-synced-file>    0.000006   Resilio Sync.1138808
19:52:03.016022  fcntl             F=53  <GETPATH>                                    0.000001   Resilio Sync.1138808
19:52:03.016023  close             F=53                                               0.000002   Resilio Sync.1138808


19:52:16.106473  lstat64                                <path-to-some-synced-folder>  0.000002   Resilio Sync.1138808
19:52:16.106490  write             F=6    B=0xa3                                      0.000003   Resilio Sync.1138593
19:52:16.106491  lseek             F=6    O=0x02bfd39d         <SEEK_SET>             0.000001   Resilio Sync.1138593
19:52:16.106536  open              F=127      (R_____)  <path-to-some-synced-folder>  0.000003   Resilio Sync.1138808
19:52:16.106537  fcntl             F=127 <GETPATH>                                    0.000001   Resilio Sync.1138808
19:52:16.106538  close             F=127                                              0.000001   Resilio Sync.1138808

With this behaviour of frequent re-indexing and constant file access it is not feasible to run resilio on that folder permanently without draining the battery.

Has anybody else encountered a similar issue on their system?

Thank you for your help.

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I've the same problem. Very high CPU usage on Windows 7 and Resilio Sync 2.4.4 (732).  One CPU (of a multi-core machine is almost permanently blocked by Resilio.
The high CPU usage occurs even if the web front end says that there is no indexing.

Additional information:
* no antivirus software is installed/ activated.
* All windows updates are installed.
* 9 Resilio-Sync Folders with in total 230 Gb data (about 330.000 files)

* no encrypted folders/ no other encryption from third parties (e.g. from windows) is used
* all sync-folder are 1.4 standard folders

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Did you also write to support with the debug logs from this Windows PC? if not, please do, and give a few details about your environment and the files you're syncing. Thanks. 

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