Updating BtSync to Resilio Sync


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I have installed on my Raspberry Pi 2 Btsync version 2.0.93, it is set to automatically check for updates on the preferences panel, but as far as I can tell it never did update. Is there any automated process to update BtSync or do I need to remove it and install the latest version of Resilio Sync?


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13 hours ago, mustha said:

I started following the steps on the page you indicated, but one of the steps isn't clear:

In /etc/apt/sources.list change the line as follows:

deb [arch=armhf] http://linux-packages.resilio.com/resilio-sync/deb resilio-sync non-free

The file sources.list is the raspian repo. Shouldn't I be doing the changes on resilio-sync.list instead?

@Helen @RomanZ After doing the above on /etc/apt/sources.list and running apt-get update I get a warning of duplicate sources. 

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