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I installed Resilo Sync on my new iPhone 7P. Well, actually it is an upgrade from BTSync. 

When launching the "Sync" app, it prompts me "No internet connection", even so when I open my IPSec VPN connection. 

BTW, I am in China. Is it because of the GFW issue?


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Thanks for the reply. I think I have found the answer. 

In iOS 10, any app that would like to access network will have to be granted the network access right manually. 

Normally, there will be a pop up dialog but in some cases, as noticed by many other iOS apps, that dialog will be "silent"ed. In this case, please follow the following steps:

1. In Settings, Apps that use network, check if "Resilo Sync" is listed, if yes, turn the network access right on. 

2. If not, (and here is the tricky part): 

2.1 Disable any listed app network access and re-enable;

2.2 Remove Resilo Sync from backend running;

2.3 Re-launch Resilo Sync and in most cases, the dialog asking for network permit will appear. 

This is how I fix this problem and it is syncing now. 

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