The connectivity problems among different clients

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Hi, I was kind of gotten the sync among 3 clients done, until recent several days something weird happened.

First please allow me to describe my Sync environment:

Client 1, a CENTOS server in cloud. 24*7 RUN, with name of "Sync on aliyun". Only synced very few files b/c the disk volume is very expensive, The point is use Sync on this server is to use its public IP to help improve the connectivity among different peers. At least I thought it could help....

Client 2, a PC,  windows 10 in my home, got public ip under openwrt router and opened PNP. I used this PC to work after I got off the work place.

Client 3, a PC, windows 10 at my work place. Only a computer in my work place network. Nearly a hundred computer used one public IP, no ability to change the router setting, No uPNP. I used Shadowsocks and local port is I checked the option of "use proxy server" and "use proxy server" in Resilio Sync in advanced preference. 24*7 RUN. 

PS: i wanted to upload some pics, but found my MAX TOTAL SIZE: IS ONLY 0.03MB??  how could be possible a pic is only 30kb?

So, no pics anyways.

I liked to open my home pc and get synced from my OFFICE PC. But now this could not work any more.

The problem is Client 2 and 3 could "see" client 1, but 2 & 3 could not 'SEE" each other, why this happened?

I used Client 1's IP in client 2's & 3's advanced preference of "folders.default_known_host", I thought this would help different peer to find each other. But the truth is, which doesn't help that much.

So, please, anything I would debug to change to improve my situation? Thanks in advance.



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Peers establish standard network TCP or UDP connections between each other. So recheck that between client 2 and 3. 
If direct is not possible, Sync will use relay. So check that both client 2 and 3 can connect to relay (TCP only) .

These article can help you troubleshoot connection: 

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Thanks for replying. I think both of 2 and 3 could connect to relay server, b/c if they don't there would be a red tip below the GUI said they could not connect to the relay server, isn't it right?

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Hi, @Helen I found the connection between client 2 and 3 are no stable, most of time the connection between them would be appear to be disconnection. So, I am thinking what method would help to increase the connectivity?

GitHub - xtaci/kcptun: A Simple UDP Tunnel Based On KCP

I found this tools which would help to convert TCP data into UDP data, would it help? Or use VPN to make my working client PC to dispose to the Internet?

I don't think folders.default_known_host is reliable, after I filled that option with my home sync's Ip and port, the connectivity didn't improve.

So please give some advice.

I checked everything I could do, but the connectivity is not reliable still.

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