Encrypted Folders on iOS [store decryption keys]


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Hi there,
it would be great to improve support encrypted folders on iPhone.

I use Sync between my local Mac mini, my iPhone, and my VPS Server. 
The remote VPS serves as a “cloud” that I own. Sync is definitely the fastest way for me 
to keep identical data on multiple machines, including an iOS app for access on the go.
- macOS (online) <-> iOS (online)
- macOS (offline) <-> VPS (online) <-> iOS (online)
- macOS (online) <-> VPS (online) <-> iOS (offline)
- etc...

I don't want to store my sensitive data on VPS Server without encryption.
If I add Encryption Folder on macOS and store encrypted data on VPS server, I've an issues with sync on iPhone
- Sync consumes double amount of memory and CPU power, 
- Several files couldn't be available on iOS (if my macOS will be offline)

I've sended requests #55434 and #55500, but there is nothing useful in that simple use case.

You made a great functionality - Encrypted Folders - , please make it useful on all my devices. 


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