What happens when you delete a file, does it re-download?


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Hi, say I have Computer A and Computer B.

Computer A is sharing (in read only mode) a hard drive to Computer B.

Computer B finished syncing everything but one of the files it downloaded was corrupt.

If I delete that file on Computer B, will Resilio Sync attempt to download it again?

If not, then how do I make Resilio Sync do that?

Thank you!

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Yes, essentially, BitTorrent Sync behaves this way:

On a device that is "read only";

A ) if you add a file/folder, it won't get replicated back to other devices.

B ) If you modify a file/folder, the file/folder won't get modified on other devices.

C ) If you delete a file/folder, the file/folder won't get deleted from other devices.

D ) If you modify a file/folder it will be overwritten with a copy from other full-access devices, only if/when it is next modified on one of those full-access devices.

E ) If you delete a file/folder it will only re-appear, if subsequent changes are made to the corresponding file/folder on another full-access device.

...so in essence, rather than a "read-only" device always being an exact "mirror" of a corresponding full-access device, instead a "read only" sync is about "ignoring" any changes on that "read-only" device.

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