What is the proper way to update files using the same filename to prevent sync issues?

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Hi, I'm running a media server and often have to update and replace files.  My media server is synced to other media server machines.  The other machines copy files from my machine but my machine does not copy files from the remote machines.  Sometimes, I get sync issues where the updated file doesn't get synced at all.  Here's what I'm doing:

  1. Copy a file into the sync folder:  asdf-480p.mov
  2. Rename file to:  video_2017-02-15.mov
  3. Let all the remote machines sync this file
  4. Copy a new file to the sync folder:  asdf-720p.mov
  5. Delete file:  video_2017-02-15.mov
  6. Rename this file:  asdf-720p.mov to video_2017-02-15.mov

Is there a proper way to do this in order to prevent sync issues?

Thank you!

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No repro locally, so the problem is not in renaming. needs investigation and analysis of debug logs. See this post, it's relevant here as well 


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