Re-Installing Sync on same machine after system re-installation

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I've run into this problem already a couple of times: whenever I re-install a machine (running on Debian or Ubuntu), I first backup all the keys, then re-add all the folder after installation. Kind of tedious, given the fact that the data storage has not changed... I thought, it would be enough to backup

  • /etc/resilio-sync/
  • /var/lib/resilio-sync/ 

... and copy these folders back after re-installation Resilio Sync. Unfortunately, I'm greeted with the first-time installation dialog asking me to create a new user for the web-ui, which indeed does create a new .SyncUserXXXXXXXXXX in /var/lib/resilio-sync/   . 

I've been really scratching my head on how to just let Resilio Sync pick up the existing profile? Why doesn't it recognize the existing profile and wants to create a new one? 

I'm aware of this thread, but it didn't help or I didn't understand how it would apply to my situation. 



Additional information: I've not changed any standard storage paths, i.e. /etc/resilio-sync/config.json points to: 

  • "storage_path" : "/var/lib/resilio-sync/", 

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I don't know about your setup/install process, but for me, if you load rslsync with a config file, you can set a custom path: 

"storage_path" : "/some/config/dir/.sync",

If you do not, the home dir of the loading user is used: /home/{user}/.sync

I'm not saying that this is enough, and I don't even know if what you want to do is possible (I would assume not..), but it does contain your sync and history dat files, your License folder, and various .SyncUsernnnnnn folders and db/journals. I suspect it is probably safer to re-index either way, though.

(I do not work for resilio and have no affiliation with the software - I just spotted this topic while reading a reply to my own)

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