Change propagation by RO peers

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I have 3 machines running btsync like so:

A (NATted on home network, RW key) ---->  B (Public machine with static public IP, RO key) <----- C  (NATted on work network, RW key)

A and C are behind firewalls and can only communicate directly with B, never with each other.

I want A and C to have synced read-write folders, such that changes made on A or C get propagated.  B is read-only--it is never supposed to make changes to files, rather it's sole purpose is as a backup and to allow syncing between A and C.

I just want to confirm that if A makes a change that gets propagated to B, that B will then be able to propagate this change to C (even though B only has a RO key).

Put another way, does a change that originates on A get signed (or something) so that read-only peers can propagate the change?






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Yes, that should work fine, as long as changes are propagated from A->B, changes found on B will be sent B->C. Since you don't mention where B is located, if you're concerned regarding security you could make B and encrypted-key-only share, and it will still function the same way. That way B can store and share changes to files, but is entirely unable to read those files (just don't lose your RW key). 


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