[Solved] Number of files to sync diplayed but not synced?

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Hello everyone,

I have some issues with Sync (Pro edition).

My configuration:

  • Qnap NAS
  • 1 laptop (PC)
  • 1 PC
  • 1 laptop (mac)

Some files are displayed in the activity panel X files (xx MB) to MachineName but these files are not synced... I don't understand what's happening.
You'll find below some screenshots.

Any ideas? I'm lost...

The message files (xx MB) to MachineName means that these files are in sort of a queue to be uploaded to this machine right?


On my mac laptop (MARIE-MAC): It's weird because STEVEN says "Synced with MARIE-MAC" and MARIE-MAC says 3 files to STEVEN....


Also weird because STEVEN says "Synced with GASTON-PC" and GASTON-PC says 1319 files to STEVEN....

On my pc laptop (YANN-ASUS):

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That means that peers cannot merge the folder tree. You can remove the share from Sync and add it back, or better send the debug log from any two peers which have upload queue (e.g. YANN-ASUS and GASTON-PC), they'll see which files might be blocking merge. 

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