How to reduce CPU usage

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I have a folder which is about 900GB and 200 000 files/folders.

Everytime Resilio runs an indexing operation the CPU jumps up to aroung 33-35% and stays there until finished, which takes a while until it is finished. This is on my laptop, so it kills my battery.

Is there nay way to reduce this cpu usage


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You don't say what OS you're running, but have you tried increasing the folder_rescan_interval setting (i.e. so that Sync re-scans folders less frequently)

You could also try adjusting other settings such as setting "disk_low_priority" to "true" in order to concede resources to other applications, etc

Also, are you using encrypted folders? If so, these will consume more CPU, so you could consider removing and re-adding these are regular folders instead.

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