Running Resilio on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

Steel Reign

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Not sure if this has been caught yet or not, but on the Linux help page found here, it says that you need to run Resilio as ./rslsync. On Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS this does not work. To get it working you need to drop the ./.

(Example: To run Resilio use the command

rslsync --webui.listen


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I would imagine that depends on whether you've installed it as a package from a repository or just downloaded the executable.

Currently, the download from Resilio is a zipped executable, not a package, so the instructions are correct for the current "official" download.  If you choose to install it through non-standard means, then you are responsible for understanding what changes that entails (i.e. knowing that a package from a repository is likely installed to the system PATH, and thus does not require the ./ which indicates running a file from the current working directory).

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