Freezes windows 7 system


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I am not certain it's Resilio sync, but I think it is.

I get an error daily that the script is running slowly, asking me if I want to stop it.

Many other programs, including thunderbird, freeze and stay frozen for a couple of minutes until I use task manager to stop resilio.

Anyone else have this issue?


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You didn't provide any details as to the total number/size of files & folders you've added to sync... but are you running Sync as a windows service, and therefore you're seeing the "stop running script?" prompt in your browser, or are you running sync as a regular application (i.e. and access the UI via the Sync taskbar icon)

If the former, what browser are you running? Have you tried accessing the WebUI via a different browser?

If the latter, what version of Internet Explorer is installed on your system? ...and is it up-to-date?


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