Has anyone tried using this on the Nvidia Shield Android TV?

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Google Play won't let me install it but I'm wondering if it can be sideloaded?  Has anyone tried this?  Would this app work on the Nvidia Shield Android TV?

BTW, the Nvidia Shield Android TV is a low power streaming device that's very powerful.  Think of using it for several server type functions, like Plex and Resilio Sync.

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Officially Android TV's and other media boxes are not supported. Technically you can install manually apk there, and we have a few customers who use it this way, but we do not guarantee it'll work flawlessly. But please do contact support team to get an apk build.


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I've got the version (*.apk) from current forums.
And it works only via attached mouse (I've using bluetooth mouse). 

But the other main problem is periodically shutdown of the sync. It seems shutdown in 1 or 2 days. The node (nvidia shield) just goes offline. When I open it manually from applications on adnroid tv, the sync continue. 

I don't know, why it shutdown, because Shield works fine (I've using PLEX Media Server on it). All sleep options is swithed off in settings of the Resilio Sync.


Why you won't add support Android TV? There is a good one - Syncthing.

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