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I've got Resilio sync running on a Synology NAS. When I click on the Resilio icon when I'm logged in to the NAS it gives me the wrong port in the link and sends me to http://[NAS_IP]:28888 while it should be http://[NAS_IP]:8888 (where I can login). When I was previously running BTSync on the NAS it was on port 8888. When I installed Resilio on the NAS I guess 8888 was occupied by BTSync so it got port 28888. I recently removed BTSync from the NAS since I'm using Resilio now. I changed the config file for Resilio to 8888 for consistency with the other Resilio installations I have. But it seems like the NAS still thinks it is on port 28888. How can I fix this so that I get the right port in the link?

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To change the actual port used by Resilio Sync you have to edit the sync.conf file in '/volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/var'. Assuming you are installed on volume 1. You'll see a section with 'listen":"', change whatever the x's are to the port you want.


Not 100% positive on changing the link that Syno shows in the package tab but I think it is in '/volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/app/config'. However, I've changed mine and it did not update in the Syno gui, but I have not rebooted which may be required.

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