Thin Sync-Client as Connector to Onedrive

The Hanni

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I have a OneDrive-Account and a small VPS-Server, which only has very little Storage.

I wonder, if there is possibly some way to use the VPS-Server as a btSync to Onedrive-"Connector"? Obviously, as I dont have a lot of Storage on the VPS-Account, it would require a Setup where the Sync-Client functions as a direct "translator/broker" between the  ResilioSync and OneDrive-API's.

This would be really useful in my opinion, because it would provide a way to setup a cloudbased-only Scenario with Sync leveraging 3rd-Party Storage. 

I know of the possibility to simply buy storage+ Virtual Machine on Amazon, and setup a Client there, but I find it too expensive. If there was a way to use OneDrive without the need to replicate the entire storage on a dedicated LAN-Server (NAS) it would be awesome.  

Any ideas?

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