A new file in a folder not detected by resilio mobile.


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Hi, thanks for the great job.

Android 6.00, Resilio mobile 2.4.9 (639)

On my smartphone (LGK10), I generaly can't manage to see new files (any manner : photo, download, copy/paste, etc.) recognised and then synced. It obliges me to quit and restart. In fact, it seems that Resilio will always finish by recognising new files, but in an unpredictable laps of time which seems to go from instantly to, let's say, a quarter or half an hour.

It seems to me it is a relatively new problem (new phone?, new sync version?), but I can't be sure.

I tried a lot of combinations before posting. A tricky way to refresh drove me to some strange situation : I toggled the folder's Selective Sync from Off to On and back, because It forces te refresh just like I wanted, but this finished by freezing for a while some folder unable to become selective, even after deconnecting/reconnecting them in Resilio.

This is not a really bad issue. But the trouble is that it's against Resilio's argumentation in Play Store "Sync will back up photos and videos as soon as you take them" and so it lowers the trust in the solution when you are expecting such a comportment. Letting things unclear is never good. I suppose this can be related to an internal Android messaging problem. In this case (as with Apple computers) a clear explanation, a simple refresh method and/or a way to set the auto-refresh delay will be appreciable for all. No answer, or a perfectly misplaced one like what is given to the Play Store user "Why do you need to stare at the file to sync it ???" is making the problem bigger again.

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Hey, I have the similar issue - Android 6.0.1, Resilio mobile 2.4.9 (639)

I've enabled sleep mode and check to sync every 4 hours, or every 5 mins while charging.
Have a backup of my DCIM folder on SD card to my other machines.
So if I check those backup folders on other machines - I see only some photos which was made 3-4 days ago, not even those which was made earlier that 4 hours ago as in settings.
But the craziest thing is that Resilio mobile can't see some files right in my phone!
For example, I have 5 files in DCIM folder in my phone, while I open Recilio on the same phone it tells me that I have only 4 files in that folder, and it never backups that missed file of course too.
Usual folders (not backups) works like a charm, the problems only with Backups.

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I have a good new. I found something to help you debug : it seems that when a file arrives in an \Android folder, the sync is immediate. My guess seemed right, it must be a problem in Android messaging...

Maybe is it linked to this (that I don't exactly understand while all other apps can write on the SD):


  • Android 6.0 - On Android 6, some devices support "Adoptable Storage" allowing you to select to use an SD card as internal storage. Note that not all devices support this, even if running Android 6. If your device doesn't support this, or you want to instead use an SD card as "portable storage", you'll have to use the Storage Access Framework method as with Android 5 (or the Android/data/net.sourceforge.opencamera/ method as with Android 4.4).



Open Camera refuses to write on the SD unless I write here: Android/data/net.sourceforge.opencamera/

Now, each time I take a picture with OpenCamera "Sync will back up photos and videos as soon as I take them"



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