[PRO] bug: folder is not recretead after Remove from this device in selective


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- share a directory in selective sync on Windows

- the shared directory has several subdirectiories, click 'Sync to this device' on one of them

- wait for it to sync then click 'Remove from this device'

- directory disappears and reappears as a file with .rsls extension


Expected behavior:

Directory is recreated as a directory, not a file.




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I have read: https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/205458095-Selective-Sync

but it is nowhere stated that a directory will turn into a file placeholder. It only says about files.

I am attaching a desktop dump showing what I am talking about. The path is D:/General Sync/Dane/Downloads/Test and D:/General Sync/Dane is the path of the actual directory shared in Sync in selective sync - so I am inside a shared directory doing that on directories inside. Are you sure this is the correct behavior?

If yes then why at the first time a directory is created and then it is turned into a file? I mean that it is really nice that the directory structure is created because you easily navigate but after such a scenario you lose that.


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I would also love to see this feature on desktop. It works like that in mobile already. Now it's really confusing for less technical users to understand how the folder structure looks like, as they don't get to see it. 

Also it's quite difficult to see what files are actually directories. This makes browsing the selective sync really difficult.

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