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Something i'd like to suggest for future versions of sync is the ability to group folders somehow.  maybe create groups directly or color code them.

In one of my sync set ups for example my network storage syncs my own documents, pictures, favorites, media, and downloads folders, It also syncs my partners documents, pictures, favorites, media and downloads, and our kids documents, pictures, favorites, media and downloads. and even my parents (not very tech savvy so I try to keep there stuff back ed up for when they bust something)

it then syncs the dcim and media folder on my android phone, and my partners and kids.

there then becomes an issue when you look at the sync ui and see for example 4 documents folders or 4 dcim folders or even 8 media folders..

I think it'd be a pretty good feature to be able to organise these these somehow,  maybe create a group called my stuff. and have my synced folders there, then my partners folders in  another group and again for kids.

or perhaps color code them. give my syncs blue folder icons and my partners syncs red folder icons for example.

something to make it easier to identify which dcim folder goes to which device sort of thing without having to check the peers list for every folder all the time.

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I have exactly the same problem as the OP.
And it makes the Sync GUI so messy, it it becomes a pain to use.

An option to locally give new names to the synced folder would go a long way.

That way we could sort the folders by something like this.

- My documents
- Spouse documents
- Spuse DCIM
- etc

But sure, grouping in addition to renaming would be superb.

Much wanted

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