Android sync bug if folders exist on both Phone and SD card

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New user loving your product.

Android 7.0 on Galaxy S7 edge.

This is a very strange bug that appears when folders exist on BOTH Phone and SD Card.

1) Create folder on SD card and Sync functions as expected.

2) Delete SD Card folder (no folders now exist).

3) Create folder on Phone and Sync functions as expected.

4) Create folder on SD card and Sync functions on this new folder as expected, however, Sync is now broken with Phone folder created in step 3). Sync no longer sees any files or folders in the Phone folder. If I navigate to the Phone folder with a file explorer I can see the files as expected but Sync does not see them.

5) Delete the SD Card folder and the Phone folder resumes working as expected.

This feels like a file permissions bug but I am only guessing.

Hope you can fix this. Please let me know if you need more info to reproduce it.

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Update after more testing ...

Sync is now working. The problem I experienced seems to be caused by the means Android informs apps of folder content changes and/or how Sync detects the presence of files in a folder.

If I add an Android folder that contains files Sync sometimes does not see the files for some period of time. Restarting Sync sometimes fixes the problem but I have seen cases when I simply had to be patient and wait a few hours.

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