Disk access every few seconds

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Hello all!

I am using the current version of Resilio (Sync Pro 2.4.4) within the official docker container that runs on Freenas Corral. I have not touched the configuration file (sync.conf) but just mounted local storage to within /sync/mounted_folders. Syncing works great.

Anyway, I am getting constant disk access to the storage pool that Resilio works on. This happens, even if no other peers are connected and no indexing is happening. The Docker image itself resides on an SSD, so that logs should also go only there. Every few seconds, I can hear the storage HDDs perform an access. This is also shown by iotop.

I already increased the indexing interval to one whole day (86400), but no change. Debug logs are off.

I would be happy to hear, if there was a way to solve this problem. Unfortunately, I cannot find log files when I switch on debugging. Where are they located?


Thank you in advance,




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