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I am one of those with t-mobile for my cell provider and so per This article i am unable to connect to my peers.  


I have been trying to make use of a socks5 server provided by however, when I enter the proxy information and login info into the iOS sync app's proxy section it appears to have no effect.  After i return to the main folder page in the app I still am not connected to my peers.  When i return to the proxy information screen on the app in advanced the proxy option is turned off and the proxy information is blank.

I'm at a complete loss.  Has anyone figured out a way to get this to work properly?  Is proxy via cellular data on the sync app (in iOS) just not an option?

The primary sync PC is running on raspbian and i can connect just fine to it when i'm on the wifi lan and when i'm on other people's wifi (those who don't restrict access to sync).


Any ideas?

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With any VPN or Proxy Service you have to think of what is the company offering. If they are offering VPN or Proxy Services for free then they must make money somehow.

For example selling your Data. It is bad advise to just say "Use a VPN" or "Use a proxy". Instead saying "Use a good VPN Service" would be better.

What good defines is up to the Security Community that looks at all kind of services that pop up, especially after the new US news that broke a couple days ago regarding the ISP selling data. F-Secures Freedome VPN is a Service that offers good security and is trusted by some well known people in the security community.

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