Resilio Sync locking up Windows explorer


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I finally upgraded my little AWS Cloud sync server to Resilio Sync because it wasn't properly syncing with the client.

However I seem to have an issue setting up a sync system with the new client - abut two out of three times when I try to manually add a folder (e.g.  Options > Manual Connections > Add the key > Select a Folder), when it gets to the Select a Folder portion it hangs, (not responding).

Once it's done that, Resilio Sync is done talking about it - killing and reopening either windows explorer or Resilio Sync itself doesn't fix what's broken, I have to completely restart Windows, and I can almost never add two folders at a time - the second one will break it again. Reinstalling Resilio Sync also has no effect on this.

Obviously I'm not having any such issue with other programs et al. Nor am I having issues on linux. At some point I did manage to convince myself that it seems to be a problem with opening in the 'This PC' Folder, but I honestly don't recall what convinced me of that at the time.

Any assistance you might render,

Thank you,



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Syncing is a very common problem in the Windows Explorer. Many users always try to find the solution of this common problem.

The solution shared above regarding the same is good and effective.

The link given above is for the users who face Not responding problem on the Explorer on regular basis. The link provides the step by step solution for the same.

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