Only syncing files when re-indexed.


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I've been noticing with the latest version 2.4.5 that the files are not updating as soon as I add them to a shared folder.  They sync across the peers when the folder is re-indexed (this is done every 10 min).  I used to add a file then that files would sync immediately - now they only sync on the scheduled re-index.

I have sync running on Windows 10

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no repro in the lab - files are detected and updated right away. So in your case system notifications apparently are not delivered. Is there anything special in your setup? 
- where are the files located physically - is it local drive. network share, usb drive, etc. and how deeply they are nested? what are these files?
- do you install the correct binary (32 or 64 bit) for your windows? 
- do you install sync as service or not, what user runs it? 

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Hi Helen,

Thanks for the reply but I found the "issue".  Within the advanced settings some of the user's set "enable_file_system_notifications" to false thinking it was going to stop the notifications from popping up.  Looks like that setting stops the windows file system watcher.

Now knowing that - how do you stop the popups like when a file is in use from showing up?  I know there is the setting under General "Show notifications" but that setting is missing if we use the config file.


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