Why does the value of folder_rescan_interval restore to default after I restart Resilio Sync on my linux VPS?


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I install Resilio Sync on my linux VPS, I set the value  of  folder_rescan_interval 10 via access the web http://myip:8888/gui/
then  I login to my remote VPS and launch  service resilio-sync stop and   service resilio-sync start

After I access my Resilio Sync via the web http://myip:8888/gui/, I find that the value of folder_rescan_interval restore to default,  why?


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Did you set up sync via configuration file? if yes you need to specify this setting there.

Please go to help.getsync.com and search for "configuration" you will find an article highlighting what you need to put in your configuration.

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That's weird for two reasons: 

1) not reproducible in the lab - setting is saved correctly. 
2) by default WebUI for the service is available only on loopback interface. Did you change it in WEbUI tab? 
And make sure that you have only one Sync process running . 

Anyway, service's config is /etc/resilio-sync/config.json. You can add "folder_rescan_interval": 1234 there: 

    "storage_path" : "/var/lib/resilio-sync/",
    "pid_file" : "/var/run/resilio-sync/sync.pid",

    "webui" :
        "listen" : ""
"folder_rescan_interval": 1234

Note that value 10 means 10 seconds - folder will be rescanned every 10 seconds. This may cause high CPU usage. 

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