Unable to access the repo (OpenSuse Linux)

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I managed to get resilio sync up and running on my new install of OpenSuse Leap 42.2.  However, I tried to update my repos and zypper came back with the error:

"Permission to access 'http://linux-packages.resilio.com/resilio-sync/rpm/x86_64/media.1/media' denied."

I looked in Yast and noticed that there is no GPG key there for resilio, though I did import it using the prescribed method in the documentation.  Thinking that might be the problem, I reimported it, to no effect.


Any tips?


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In order to confirm whether it's a problem with Zypper, or the repository itself.

If I did not get a permission error in the browser, then I would have started troubleshooting Zypper. Seeing the error in the browser let me know that it's a service problem that I can't do anything about, so I shouldn't spend any time looking into ways to fix it.

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Anyone will be denied access - it's not indicating any problem with repo. Access there is configured to be indeed denied trough browser. 

compatibility with zypper is not yet fixed, though, sorry. Please manually download and update the binary. Thanks! 

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