2 peers not 'seeing' each other

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I have a 10 peer network. 

Some of my peers can't see other peers. (i.e. peer 3 can see all peers except 4, yet peer 4 can see all peers except 3). 

I've looked at FAQs, and the suggested fixes aren't really applicable (mostly FW related) as peers 3 and 4 are bone-fide members of the 'swarm', yet can see each other. Its like they don't get along. 

Suggestions appreciated. Cheers, Geoff. 


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Any details about the network, platform, Sync version, shares would be also much appreciated. For a targeted analysis of your case, please submit the debug logs from at least two devices that cannot connect to each other to support and include a few screenshots of Sync UI from these devices (to illustrate the shares and number of peers connected). 

Not sure what FAQ you've looked at, try these tips. The article also has instruction for collecting the logs. Thank you! 

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