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i installed Resilio Sync on my Android Box (it is not Android TV OS, just simple Android 6.0.1)
Now i can't connect to the resilio sync pro server on my synology nas.
The android device has no camera to take the qr code.
So i copy and paste the the shown code in the respective field, but it shows only "wrong security key"!
How can i solve this?

All other devices, android mobile phones / tablets and windows 7 devices, works perfect!

Thanks for your help!

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First advanced folder.

Today i tried with standard folder. I can copy and paste the key! It is accepted. But no synchronization!

The console on the nas shows 0 peers. Also after restart all resilio instances on all devices

The minix is connected via ethernet, no wifi connection!

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Advanced folders don't have keys, and with " copy and paste the the shown code" I suppose you meant the link? Pasting link into "Enter key" on the phone won't work cause phone expects the key there, not link. 

So make use of standard folders. I suppose you've already seen the troubleshooting article on connectivity? Here it is. If tips from there don't help, please contact support with debug logs from both peers. Thanks 

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OK. I will check multicast packets and router settings.

All clients are in the same inhouse network. I have also multiple wlan networks, does this different ssid's produce difficulties?

Today all "connected" android clients has different file stamps and shown to be offline. So the synchronisation fails! The win7 desktop is always correct. The "master" (of disaster) is / should be the synology nas! This device is always on!

I have insert a device proxy on all android devices, pointing to the nas with the appropriate ip and port. Does make this sense in an "inhouse" environment? 


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On 5/16/2017 at 6:46 PM, Joerg633 said:

does this different ssid's produce difficulties?

it shouldn't provided the TCP/UDP connections between them is actually possible. 

What do you mean "insert a device proxy pointing to NAS"? did you enable proxy settings and put there NAS address? is your NAS a proxy? I don't understand it. 

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Sorry, for the ambiguous explanation.
The whole story:
2 weeks ago, i had insert a "predefined host" (= nas) on all android devices (without the minix)!
After that, the synchronisation (with advanced folders) was stable, but only for some days.

After some more tests, i decided to delete and reinstall all resilio instances, also the one at the nas!
In that case the installation at the nas generates a different listening port, to the first installation.
But i don't realized this detail.
So i configure all android devices again, including predefinde host with the "wrong" listening port.
So the connection was ok, but after 1 day also no more syncs again.
At this point i started this thread here.

Meanwhile i have found the issue and after correcting the android devices, except the minix, all synchronizes well!

Yesterday i started again on the minix to connect a standard folder. I wrote down a read only key, inserts it to the corresponding setting!

But no connection to the nas.

At the left bottom appears a message "transfer via mobile data network disabled".

Next thing is to take a look at the logs on the minix...
Or first, i try a connection over wifi! The minix, at the moment, is connected via lan cable!
(android via lan cable = something special!?!)

I'll report it shortly!


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18 hours ago, Joerg633 said:

(android via lan cable = something special!?!)

No. Sync on android can detect lan cable network 

On Android device you can find logs in /data/data/com.resilio.sync/files/.sync

To eliminate one case: is it possible to either downgrade Android to Sync2.4,  apk attached, or install 2..5 on a desktop? P.S. unfortunately, there is no 2.5. packages for NAS yet, so you may try update Sync on win7.


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