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This was working fine before, but is suddenly not ignoring folders consistently. For example, I ignore this folder in every PHP repo I have


Until very recently, that worked fine. Now, if I add \vendor to the IgnoreList file on an synced folder, it does nothing. On top of that, I just tested this on a folder that I know IS ignoring that folder correctly now by removing that entry from the IgnoreList file and watched the Size grow. Then I removed it and the size did not shrink back to the correct size. Yes, I tried restarting Sync, but still is not ignoring the folder. I verified that it is not just a size calculation error, that it is actually not ignoring this folder. To test this, I created a new folder to sync with the vendor folder. I added it to Sync. Added \vendor the IgnoreList file. Synced to a new machine. The vendor folder was not ignored.

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So maybe \vendor is the wrong format - that's what I've used in the past and it worked fine. I changed \vendor to vendor, still syncs. I added vendor2 to the IgnoreList file, then removed the synced folder from one machine, on the other machine, I renamed the vendor folder to vendor2, connected it back to the machine (after I deleted the synced folder) and it synced with vendor! How in the world???

UPDATE: Sync is just broken. This morning, on the machine I synced the folder TO, has both a vendor and a vendor2 folder, but the machine I synced FROM only has vendor2!

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The results of this issue are hard to track, but I just started digging through the vendor folder on the TO machine and the folder structure is there, but the files are not??? So the behavior has changed and now the folder structure is synced, the UI does not reflect the ignore, but the files are not synced? Is that designed behavior because if that is, it frankly sucks.  How do I know that the ignore is working except now to open each folder and check for actual files missing? It's bad enough that IgnoreList is not synced and so I have to add \vendor to every single folder I sync that has it (about 15) on every single machine (about 5). 15 X 5 = 75 times I have to add that and now to verify that it's working, I have to dig through folder structure?

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This is the behavior that I have confirmed:

  • If \vendor is in the IgnoreList file, then the folder structure is still synced, but no files.
  • If any changes are made to the files, those are not synced. 
  • If the folders are deleted, those changes are not synced.
  • If the \vendor removed, all of it is synced
  • UI does not reflect that this folder is now ignored - this used to occur and therefore was an easy to way to know that it was not being synced, makes it very hard to trim down my folders to improve performance (performance on the current version is terrible at times).
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Uhm, I should have been notify here, that it seems, today we tracked down with Helen the source of the problem. 

I did put FileDelayConfig to the shared folder/.sync instead of the global resilio folder. 

I learned today, that FileDelayConfig is a global configuration file, the IgnoreList is a local one. 

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On 8/9/2017 at 7:31 PM, laurin1 said:

So apparently, now, if I want to ignore all of the contents of a folder AND the deletion or addition of the folder itself, I have to do this:


But doesn't the vendor pattern apply to any folder in the hierarchy whereas \vendor\* only applies to folders in the root of the sync folder? This only adds to my confusion which patterns are only applied to the root and which everywhere in the hierarchy...

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