[Advice for Purchases] Synchronization data with external server, where?!


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Hello guys,
I'm currently using Resilio Sync to synchronize data between two NAS and a small home server.

I want to synchronize data (about 4Tb) on an external server outside Italy to prevent natural phenomena (too many earthquakes in the last 10 years).

I currently use a SoYouStart OVH server, the storage version with 2Gb of RAM and 4Tb of memory (25euro/month). It has an ARM processor, but the main problem is RAM. 2Gb are few, I have so many small files, and Resilio crashes because the memory ends.

I've only found far more carefull solutions, more than $30 a month.

Has anyone already addressed this problem? Do you know how to recommend another provider?

Yes, I could use rclone with Hubic...but honestly preferred Resilio!



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